How can we embrace a digital way of life?

Technology is continuously advancing, with new developments in digital space all the time. We’re currently living in the period of driverless cars, robots and automated technology. 

However, you don’t need to have a robot that vacuums your floors to classify yourself as someone who is embracing digital ways to improve your life. There are numerous things you may do on the daily that show you’re actually technologically efficient.

These things are simple tasks, for example if you currently work from home and attend meetings via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, or stay in touch with family and friends by Skype or Facetime, then you’re already supporting digitalism.

Other examples of embracing the digital age include small daily tasks like shopping online. Whether it be for your groceries, clothing or homewares. The shift to shopping online opposed to in-store means you’re already accepting technological change. Using social media and streaming content on Netflix and other online sites also counts towards embracing a digital future.

However, there are many things some of us haven’t even considered and technology we aren’t yet aware of, which is readily available to consumers. This technology includes the likes of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.As well as the many gadgets, apps and smart accessories that tend to make life easier as well as technological.

As the provider of your local fibre network we really enjoy embracing a digital way of life and learning about the future of technology. In our hopes to better educate our customers on the technology currently available to them, we thought we would start sharing how our own Enable people embrace digitalism.

This series will be known as the digital series, where we sit down and chat to different people in all areas of our business about the apps, gadgets, tools and services they’re currently using. We will discuss how they use them, why they use them and how these technologies are making their lives easier.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to read our first profile on Ella - our Communications Specialist – who will talk about the Smart home she’s moving into and what technology it has to offer.

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