State of Emergency in Canterbury – Disruption to Planned Work

A state of emergency has been declared for the Canterbury region following the second day of heavy rain causing severe flooding, road closures, evacuations, power cuts and rising rivers. Continued heavy rain is expected throughout the day.

Impact to Enable’s Network

The Enable network remains resilient. There are currently no major or critical issues, and this is not expected to change at this time.

Impact to Planned Installation Activity and Fault Repairs

Due to the impact of the weather event some customers appointments had to be rescheduled for a later date. We're working hard to contact every customer directly to do so.  If we haven't managed to get to you yet, then please feel free to contact us immediately on 0800 434 273 and we can provide assistance. 

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people and our community remains our highest priority and we’ll be connecting services only where it is safe to do so.

External civil build works are not able to be completed at the moment due to health and safety concerns and ground conditions caused by the current weather. So, we will only be focusing on work that is able to be completed inside the home.

We’ve identified the customers whose installations will need to be rescheduled and are contacting you directly.

If you have a Connection appointment or Fault repair scheduled for today, and have not heard from us, then it is likely your appointment will be going ahead. If you wish to follow up on this, please contact us on 0800 434 273. 

If you’re not available for your booked appointments due to the weather event, then please also contact us on 0800 434 273 so that we can reschedule your appointments for you.


Our region is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 2. We're operating business as usual, with added safety precautions to ensure it remains safe to do so.