We are powering up our solar efforts!

In June, we began installing solar panels on some of the buildings that power our fibre network, known as Central Offices. This was an important project for our sustainability goals as we work towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2030.

Once the installation of the solar panels across all our Central Offices is complete, it is expected the project will save approximately 20% of the power consumed in the running of our Central Offices annually – the equivalent of flying from Christchurch to Auckland 117 times. Cool right?

The pilot began with the installation of solar at our Mount Pleasant Central Office, serving around 12,000 of our customers.

We’ve now completed the installation of solar panels to our Burwood and Rolleston Central Offices, with Burwood serving 24,000 customers and Rolleston 12,000 respectively.

We are super excited to take this crucial step in our sustainability journey while we work towards our lofty, yet achievable, goals.

Being 100% owned by the people of Ōtautahi, we know that we have a responsibility to our community to be the best kaitiaki we can be, not only for now but for future generations.

In addition to the installation of solar panels, we have also converted 70% of our car fleet to electric or hybrid, with plans to have a fully electric fleet by 2025 and we know from research completed by the Sapere Research Group found that fibre is the lowest emission broadband technology.

We want our community to feel proud knowing the infrastructure that supports their fibre broadband is environmentally and socially sustainable as well as the actual fibre itself.