Winter watching: The TV shows we're enjoying right now!

Winter means snuggling up inside, and what better way to do so than by streaming something worthy online. To make that decision easier here are our top recommendations.


Everyone is talking about this show! If you haven’t yet seen it then we highly recommend you do so. It retells the events of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The five-part series shares gruesome details and dramatizes the events in a gripping way.

Watch here.

What If

A scandalous new series on Netflix featuring Renee Zelwegger (from Bridget Jones’s Diary) that addresses the consequences a single action can have on the rest of your life. Incredibly thrilling, it tests your morals and will leave you asking what you would do if placed in similar situations as some of the characters.

Watch here.

Stranger Things 3

Prepare yourself for the third season of the popular series Stranger Things. The cast is getting back together to deliver another season that is airing 4 July. With the previous two seasons being a huge hit, this one is sure to be too.

Watch here.

The Society

A group of high school students are tested when their lives are turned upside down, ending up in an alternate version of their town (a parallel universe). There is murder, mystery and a lot of unanswered questions as they try and figure out where they are, how they got there and how this new version of society will operate.

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One Strange Rock

Hosted by Will Smith and brought to you by National Geographic, this Documentary-style series features eight astronauts who have spent over 1,000 days in space between them. It discusses topics of Earth, our atmosphere and how the solar system works – including the impact the environment has on our planet, and how things we take for granted play a huge role in how we got here and what’s keeping us alive.

Watch here.


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