Installing business fibre broadband

While each business installation is different we try to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Below is a video that explains this process further:  

Once you have ordered your fibre broadband service from your internet service or IT provider and all required consents have been granted, we follow this simple 3 step process. 

  • 01 Plan

    Our technicians will meet with you at your property to discuss the path the fibre will take from the property boundary to where Enable’s network equipment (called an ONT or ONU) and your service providers’ router will be installed. This meeting will take no more than an hour of your time and you will be asked to sign-off on the agreed plan and our End User Terms. If a building owner or owner’s agent is required to sign off on the plan, we recommend they attend this meeting. 

  • 02 Build

    Our technicians will complete any outside works required to get the fibre from the boundary to the outside wall of your building as per the scope. You do not need to be present for this visit unless we require access to a secure area. 

  • 03 Connect

    Our technicians will complete all remaining work to run the fibre from the outside of the building to the agreed location for the network equipment. This can take several hours, so we ask that you be present for the whole morning or afternoon. 

Enable charge a minimal amount for business installations. Your preferred internet service or IT provider will work with us to confirm any installation costs.