Fibre broadband in new subdivisions

We're installing fibre broadband to most new subdivisions in and around Christchurch. Check the list below to see if your subdivision is in our fibre broadband coverage area.


New fibre enabled subdivisions and stages are added regularly. If your subdivision is not listed below, please contact your subdivision property developer and enquire about who the telecommunication provider will be.

If your new home is in one of these subdivisions, then it’s best to follow our recommendations to make sure your home is ready for fibre broadband once it’s built.

You can find our recommendations in our Cabling Guide on how to prepare a new or renovated home for fibre broadband.





12 Blue Gum Place New Brighton All
12 Quaifes Road Halswell All
12 Waterbridge Way Rolleston All
20 Carrs Road Wigram All
22 Bridle Path Road Heathcote All
47 Kennedys Bush Road Halswell All
55 Tossvill Road Prebbleton All
57 Sutherlands Road Halswell All
61 Lowes Road Rolleston All
66 Southbrook Rangiora All
67 East Maddisons Road Rolleston All
90 East Belt Road Rangiora All
122 Richardson Terrace Woolston All
131 Brookside Road Rolleston All
132 Hamptons Road Prebbleton All
155 Lowes Road Rolleston All
184 Hendersons Road Halswell All
188 Rocking Horse Road New Brighton All
191 Brookside Road Rolleston All
197 Halswell Junction Road Halswell All
223 Buchanans Road Yaldhurst All
316 Kennedys Bush Road Halswell All
551 Springston Road Lincoln All
582 Springston Rolleston Rd Rolleston All
559 Springston Rolleston Road Rolleston All
600 East Maddisons Road Rolleston All
631 Shands Road Prebbleton All
638 East Maddisons Road Rolleston All
652 East Maddisons Rolleston Lot 25
655 East Maddisons Rolleston Stage 1&2
1065 Goulds Road Rolleston All
1111 Goulds Road Rolleston All
Acland Park Rolleston All
Ardrossan Tai Tapu All
Awatea Park Wigram  All
Barton Fields  Lincoln  All 
Beach Grove  Kaiapoi  All 
Beaumont Park  Rolleston  All 
Belfast Business Park  Belfast  All 
Belfast Village Johns Road Belfast All
Bellbird Place  Rolleston  All 
Benrogan Halswell All
BHL  Lincoln  All 
Boulevard Lifestyle Village  Rolleston All
Branthwaite Rolleston All
Broken Run  Halswell  All 
Brusio Awatea Wigram All
Burlington Prestons All
Cashmere Estates Cashmere 2 & 4
Cashmere Park Cashmere All
Clearwater Northwood All
Coles Fields Rolleston All
Country Palms Halswell All
Daniel Smith Commercial Rangiora All
Devon Park  Rolleston  All 
Eastonfield 600 Springston Rolleston Road Rolleston All
Elm Green  Rangiora  All 
Falcons Landing Rolleston All
Faringdon Rolleston  All 
Faringdon South Rolleston All
Flemington Lincoln  All 
Goulds Grove Rolleston All
Groynes Park  Northwood All 
Halswell Common Halswell All
Halswell Downs Halswell All
Hayton Road Industrial  Wigram 1,2a,2b 
Highgate Rangiora All 
Highsted Redwood All 
Highsted Grove Casebrook All
Highsted on the Park Redwood All
Highsted on Tullett Redwood All
Hillview Prebbleton All 
Hornby Quadrant Hornby All 
Iport Rolleston All
Izone  Rolleston  All
Karamu Riccarton All
Kennedy Landing Halswell All
Kintyre Yaldhurst 5b & 6b
Kirkwood Halswell All
Knights Stream Park  Halswell 3a, 3b, 3c, 6, 7a, 7b, 7c
Levi Park  Rolleston  All 
Liffey Springs Lincoln 6, 8
Lloyd Park Rolleston  All 
Longhurst  Halswell  All - except for stages prior to 4a
Magnolia Estate  Wigram  All 
Maltworks Villas Heathcote All
Mania - Shands Road Hornby All
Mary Britten Village  Rolleston All 
Matai Springs Halswell All
Mayfair  Rolleston  All 
Meadowlands Halswell All
Milnes Park Halswell All
Mustang Park  Harewood  All 
Newman Park  Harewood  All 
Oakbridge Prestons All
Oaklands Belfast All
Oakvale Halswell All
Olivefields Rolleston All
Park Grove  Rolleston  All 
Park Lane  Rolleston  All 
Penberley Prebbleton All
Platinum Grove  Wigram  All 
Prestons  Prestons  All 
Quarry Gate Halswell All
Quarry View Halswell Lots 4 & 31
Rahme Crescent Units Kaiapoi All
Ravenswood Woodend All 
Regents Close  Styx Mill  All 
Rosemerryn Farm Lincoln  4, 5, 6,7,9-20
Silverstream Kaiapoi 3B
Somerset Cavendish All
Southbrook  Rangiora  Kingsford Smith Drive
Spring Grove  Belfast  All 
Stonebrook  Rolleston  All 
Karamu Riccarton All
River Stone Halswell All
Silverstone Rolleston All
South West Business Park Wigram All
Summerset Village Avonhead All
Summerset Village Cavendish All
Tait Business Park  Harewood  All 
Te Whariki  Lincoln  All - except for stages prior to 2a
The Crossing Rolleston All
The Woods  Prebbleton  All 
Townsend Fields Rangiora All
Two Roads Woodend All
Verdeco Lincoln Stage 1
Westmorland Westmorland Stage 6
Westpark Rangiora All
Westwood Faringdon Rolleston All
West Village Faringdon Rolleston All
Whittaker Estates Wigram All 
Wigram Business Park Wigram All 
Wigram Estates Wigram All
Wigram Skies Wigram All - except for stages prior to 2b
Windsor Park Rangiora All
Yaldhurst Village Yaldhurst All