Preparing your new home guide

If you are building or renovating there are a couple of things your builder needs to do to prepare your home for fibre broadband.


1. Call 0800 434 273 to get a free fibre lead-in 

Enable provides a free underground lead-in for almost all properties in our coverage area. We will install our red micro-tubing whilst the service trench is open. When requesting a pro-active service lead-in please provide 48 hours notice, as well as the length of the trench. The trench should be open and accessible for our team when they arrive on site.

Please note we require specific industry-standard trench specifications to be met. For details on our requirements, you can read more information in our dedicated Help Centre article here.

2. Install structured wiring and a home distribution box 

We recommend installing Cat6 ethernet cabling that travels out through a central hub called a home distribution box. Please note the home distribution box can be affected by heat. Don't install it in the ceiling or where it can be susceptible to high temperatures.Underfloor installation of the distribution box (optical network terminal) is also unsuitable due to extreme temperature ranges and high humidity.

3. Install internal fibre conduit 

Make sure your electrician installs an internal fibre conduit from the outside of your house to your home distribution box.

To follow our recommendations to make sure your home is ready, check out our guide on how to prepare a new or renovated home for fibre broadband here.

Preparing a home for fibre checklist: 

  • Our builder, electrician or driveway contractor has called 0800 434 273 to arrange red fibre ducting to be installed while the service trench is open or before a new driveway is laid 
  • We’re having structured Cat6 wiring installed 
  • A home distribution box is included in our house design (in a position that avoids high temperatures)
  • Our electrician is including an internal fibre conduit in our house 
  • We’ve considered all the locations we need an Ethernet jack point in our house 
  • We’ve considered whether we need jack points for our telephones – or will use an internet provider that provides specialist internet phones 
  • We’ve chosen an alarm system that’s designed to work over fibre 

For more detailed information including all wiring diagrams please see Enable's cabling installation standards.