Installing fibre - apartments and units

Consent information

We see you live in an apartment or unit which means we require consent from some third-parties before we can complete your fibre broadband installation.

Before we can connect any customers in your building, we need to gain consent from all owners or the owners’ authorised agents.

This consent gives Enable permission to plan, install and maintain our fibre network and related equipment.
It’s easy for owners to provide their consent, the form can be completed and submitted on our website or you can print and distribute it.

If we haven’t heard from you, we will touch base to see if we can help. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, call us on 0800 434 273.


The installation process




We’ll meet you at your home to discuss and agree the path the fibre will take to get from the boundary of your property to where the equipment will be installed inside your home.

Please allow two hours. Either yourself or someone you authorise needs to be present to agree to the plan.

We’ll complete the outside work to get the fibre from the boundary to the outside wall of your home, as per the agreed plan.

You do not need to be home for this visit.

Now we’ll get the fibre inside your home, run the internal cabling and connect you to our network.

You need to be home for this visit, please allow four hours.




The four installation methods

In most cases, we bring fibre broadband from the boundary of your property into your home via one or a combination of the following methods.



Surface mounting the fibre cable to a  Suitable surface, such as the railing on a Fence - avoiding unneccessary disruption to ground surfaces. Burying the fibre cable under the ground using an underground drilling machine. Please note that this method is not suitable in some ground conditions



Creating a very narrow cut (approx. 12mm) in a hard surface (such as concrete) usually following an existing join, installing the fibre cable and reinstating Opening a trench in the ground in order to bury the fibre cable and reinstating the surface once the cable is installed


Reinstatement of surfaces

Digging may be required for some of the installation methods and the need to do so will be discussed and agreed with you during the Plan appointment.

We aim to minimise disruption to surfaces and will reinstate any surface we’ve disturbed on a “like for like” basis, for example asphalt where there was asphalt or grass seed where there was grass.

We can’t guarantee to match surface finish or colour and our reinstatement is limited to the surface we’ve disturbed.


Our region is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 2. We're operating business as usual, with added safety precautions to ensure it remains safe to do so.