Rangiora has fibre

Over 7000 homes and businesses in Rangiora can now connect to Enable’s fibre broadband with the network roll-out now complete.

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Rangiora fibre broadband FAQs

I want to get fibre broadband. How do I go about getting it?

If you're in one of the 7,246 homes or businesses in Rangiora that can connect to fibre broadband, all you need to do is call up your internet service provider and ask to make the switch to Enable fibre broadband. They will then place an order with us (Enable) and we will be in contact with you to organise installation. What is involved in installation? We complete installation in three steps: Plan, build and connect. A video of the process is at the bottom of this page.

Will it cost me to get fibre installed at my home?

We (Enable) offer FREE residential installations, no matter how long your driveway is. However, some internet service providers have a surcharge for installation, so it is best to check with your preferred provider when you go to switch to fibre broadband.

My address is just outside of your coverage area. Will I be able to get fibre broadband?

Enable is completing the ultra-fast broadband initiative on behalf of Crown Fibre Holdings. Please check their website for details of future UFB roll-out timing.

I have placed an order for fibre broadband. How long will I have to wait?

This depends on the type of property you have. Generally if you live on a single freehold property, are the owner and don't require neighbour consent (in some situations for shared accessways), then the process should be complete within three weeks. However, if your property is complex and requires landlord or neighbour consent, this can delay the process whilst these are gained. Enable will endeavour to gain consent on your behalf so you don't need to approach your neighbours.

I live down a long driveway/right of way. Is it expensive to have fibre installed?

Enable will not charge you anything to have fibre installed from the property boundary to your home. However, some internet service providers have a surcharge for installation, so check with your preferred provider when you make the switch to fibre broadband. Enable contractors use a variety of techniques that aim to provide a cost effective and minimally disruptive method to bring fibre to your home. If you share the driveway with neighbours, we may require neighbour consent before we can complete the build.

Is fibre broadband really faster than the old copper broadband?

Yes. Fibre currently provides download speeds between 30mbps and 1G, and upload speeds between 10mbps and 500mbps. The exact speed you get will depend on your plan with your chosen internet service provider, but the broadband speeds across our network are many times faster than the old residential copper services.


Getting fibre broadband installed at your home: 2 min video 


Getting fibre broadband installed at your business: 2 min video

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