free residential installation offer

Enable will install fibre broadband at residential addresses within our coverage area for free* until 31 December 2019, if the installation requirements fall within our current residential installation offer (further details below).

For homes which were added to our coverage area in 2017 under UFB2 and UFB2+, the offer applies until 31 December 2025. 

* Please note some internet service providers may charge a connection fee.

Enable's Coverage Map - Free Residential Installations

If you'd like some help to understand if your address is in UFB 1 or UFB 2 coverage area, please contact us -


Our current residential installation offer includes:

  • Bringing fibre from the street to the inside of your home using the most appropriate of our four installation methods, and connecting you to our fibre network;
  • Reinstating all surfaces on a “like for like” basis (i.e. concrete where concrete has been used, grass where grass has been used and asphalt where asphalt has been used). Enable does not guarantee to match surface finish (e.g., colour, texture or pattern) and reinstatement will be limited to the area where the trench has been dug;
  • Installing the external termination point (ETP) on the outside wall of your home;
  • Installing the optical network terminal (ONT) inside your home at a location agreed by you (e.g. close to the main computer);
  • Connecting your internet providers modem (if applicable); and
  • Testing the service to ensure it’s up and running


Additional work such as electrical work, use of an installation method other than the method proposed, or moving our equipment once it has been installed, may incur a cost.