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Fibre Speed Options


Up to 30Mbps Download
Up to 10Mbps Upload

The entry level fibre broadband option, great for smaller households or those that are very light internet users. Still enjoy the speed and benefits fibre brings.


Up to 100Mbps Download
Up to 20Mbps Upload

The best fibre broadband option for the everyday household. You will enjoy a much better broadband experience with no degrade in service when multiple devices are used online at the same time.

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Up to 200Mbps Download
Up to 20Mbps Upload

Perfect for busy households. Enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection even with many devices connected at once.


Up to 1Gbps Download
Up to 500Mbps Upload

For those who want the cream of the crop and have a need for speed. This fibre option will allow your entire household to work, play, stream, download, chat and be social all at the same time without any degrade in your service. Enjoy the very best in fibre experience.

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