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Enable fibre broadband and why it can carry you through the Christmas period

Over the holiday season we often open our homes to family and friends, we also try to take a break and relax. For these reasons we naturally spend more time online and truly realise the need for a great internet connection.

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Social media tips for parents

There are many opinions and advice out there for both parents and kids, when it comes to staying safe online. Particularly upon social media platforms. It can often be hard to know what the right thing to do is when your child is looking to join social media.

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Email communications from Enable

We’ve been working for some time helping our community get a better broadband experience by switching to fibre broadband. You are one of the 100,000 plus customers enjoying our fibre broadband services today.

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*Enable does not charge for Standard Residential Installations. Visit for terms and conditions. Some internet providers may charge a connection fee.