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Step up your cyber defence and stay safe from cyber attacks

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Cybert Smart Week 2020 is here and this year CERT is encouraging everyone to get there online security up to scratch, we’re all guilty of letting this slide by not protecting our passwords and updating them as necessary or sharing too much of our information online. This is an opportunity for our Enable people to embrace updates and get your online security sorted.


How to test your fibre broadband speed


You’re most likely on ­­fibre broadband because of the speed and reliability it offers. The speed of your broadband connection is critical in enabling you to do all the things you want online – such as watching video content, video calling, online gaming, uploading content to social media and even just browsing the web.


Need help running your household these holidays?


The school holidays are always challenging, most of us are juggling the kids and work and we all know that running a household can be a full-time job.


Experiencing connection issues?

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We thought we would offer some useful information by going over the best process if you’re experiencing connection issues.


Fibre is best when working from home

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Many of us have been working from home over these last few months and both businesses and individuals will be reviewing their future ways of working with the likelihood of adopting permanent flexible working arrangements. 


How can we embrace a digital way of life?

Embracing a digital way of life

Technology is continuously advancing, with new developments in digital space all the time. We’re currently living in the period of driverless cars, robots and automated technology. 


Keeping it real online: Why it’s important

Keep it real online

The Keep it real online campaign is a government initiative that equips parents and caregivers with the tools to educate their children on the importance of staying safe online.


Make sure you're on the best broadband connection this winter


Due to recent events, we have all become pretty good at staying home and with winter now on our doorstep we will only get better at doing so.


A day in the life of a fibre ambassador

Here at Enable we have created the term ‘Fibre Ambassador’ as a way of describing  our door to door team who’re primarily responsible for educating customers on fibre broadband, how it works, the benefits and why it really is the best service to be on.


Thinking about permanent flexible working for your business?

Flexible working

Covid-19 has taught us many things as a nation and quickly pushed many businesses to re-think the way they operate. Whether it be in corporate roles, construction or retail, we’ve all had to adapt and adopt new ways of working throughout the nationwide lockdown.