New property access rules make connecting easier

We’ve recently started applying new property access legislation that means we can build our network up some shared accessways or private right of ways without the need to gain explicit consent from all the neighbouring properties.

These new rules are making a huge difference for some customers by speeding up the connection process and by stopping those situations where we can’t gain consent – such as when a property is owned by an absentee and can’t be tracked down.

Under these new property access rules, we may only have to notify (rather than gain consent from) all relevant property owners of our intentions to do work, before beginning.

Whether we can apply the rules depends on what work is involved in getting our fibre broadband network from the street to the edge of the private property of the customer wanting a service. If we can do this work with minimal lasting or some physical impact on the shared accessway or private right of way, we’re likely to be able to apply the new rules.

Where there is going to be a significant impact from our work, we will still need consent from the owners of all neighbouring properties that have legal entitlement to use the shared accessway or right of way before we do the work.

Every situation is different so we plan what work is required and then determine whether we can apply the new rules or not.

Either way, the process begins with us receiving an order for fibre broadband so now is a great time to contact your internet provider and order!

More information on the new property access rules can be found here.    


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