"The best project I've ever worked on"

As Enable’s fibre network build comes to an end, for Quality Officer Garth Lancaster, he is grateful for the opportunity to work on such a significant project.

“I’ve worked on projects throughout New Zealand and Australia, but the build and rollout of fibre broadband in Christchurch is definitely the best one.

“The people in our business are genuinely good people; I’ve met members of our community from all walks of life. Christchurch is a beautiful city and because the network coverage area is so vast, some days I have gone from my favourite part of Christchurch, Taylors Mistake, through to Woodend.

“The challenges were the best part; there’s a lot of job satisfaction. Connecting the hill suburbs, specifically Lyttelton, was interesting; dealing with volcanic rock and narrow, one-way streets. We always found a way though, and we trusted in our contractors’ (Marais Laying and Underground Brown) expertise. It’s been a real team effort to connect our community with fibre broadband.”

It’s not the first time Garth has been involved in a fibre build. A Twizel boy born and raised, Garth was involved in the project of building the fibre optic network over 25 years ago for the Meridian power plants.

“Fibre has been around for a while now, and it’s great that our community can make the most of it in their homes and businesses.”

Garth himself made sure he connected his home with Enable fibre broadband when he and his family moved to their home in Rolleston.

“It was my youngest son who demanded we got Enable fibre broadband. It really does remove the frustration of waiting for things to load. The advancement of technology make life so much easier.

“Remember the days of dial up?