We’re excited to let you know we’re moving into the City

Our team here at Enable are excited to announce that we’re moving our offices into Christchurch’s Central City  as part of our goal to make a greater contribution to our community.

Our new office is the Iwikau building on 93 Cambridge Terrace, and we’re set to have out first day in the new space on the 3rd of May.

The move into the City reflects where we’re at as a company, now that we’ve moved past being primarily an infrastructure construction business, after the build of our network.

We’re now focused on delivering a truly world-class experience to all our fibre broadband customers, strengthening our business to deliver greater returns, increasing the economic and social returns to our community, and nurturing a sustainable future for our city.

Bringing our people into the city also supports the ongoing vitalisation and development of the city. It will support our people to  better align to our objectives and to have closer relationships with our stakeholders and community.

Our new office space will support a  flexible working philosophy which was a direct result of what we learned from Covid-19 lockdowns – where we all challenged our existing work conventions and mindsets. Our people decide what works for them when it comes to the way they work and where.

To further this we wanted a workspace that reflected a fully flexible environment, offering a hub that will attract future talent, we explored designs and did our research looking at other businesses for inspiration.

In our efforts to challenge convention, we decided to move away from a traditional open plan office and move to Activity Based Working, similar to how many tertiary education centres are designed. Allowing for our people to work in ways that suit them and meaning we needed many less traditional desks in our new space.

Our new office is also central to our sustainability goals with its Green Star 4 rating which is fantastic – supporting improved energy and water efficiency, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Green Star buildings are also designed to improve the health and wellbeing of its people, something we really value here at Enable.

We’re looking forward to moving into our new office in the coming week and can’t wait to be in amongst Christchurch’s centre, allowing us to easily work alongside and support other local businesses and where the lunch food options are endless!




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