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Salinda's tips for protecting your data online

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To celebrate International Data Privacy Day, we sat down with our Information and Cyber Security Manager, Salinda, to discuss the importance of data privacy. In doing so we looked at data privacy and identified some ways both businesses and individuals can improve their online privacy by protecting their data.


Social media tips for parents

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There are many opinions and advice out there for both parents and kids, when it comes to staying safe online. Particularly upon social media platforms.  It can often be hard to know what the right thing to do is when your child is looking to join social media. Here at Enable fibre broadband, we think it is incredibly important to ensure that everyone is using the internet in a safe way, especially our youth.


Email Communications from Enable


We’ve been working for some time helping our community get a better broadband experience by switching to fibre broadband. You are one of the 100,000 plus customers enjoying our fibre broadband services today.


Planning on moving homes?

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If you want to continue streaming your entertainment and sport in HD, gaming at high speeds or video calling with no interruptions you’ll want to stay on fibre at your new address. Here’s how:


Cyber Smart Week is here – Brought to you by CERT

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Enable support CERT NZ and Cyber Smart Week. We all need to be thinking about online safety and the importance of making sure we’re reducing the risks of online attacks – so here’s four simple practical steps to help.


Video games and what you perhaps didn't know...


People worldwide are engaging in video games on an entirely different level. Instead of simply partaking in the games they are participating by watching the games the same way you would watch a Rugby game.


Apps which make life easier


We love how technology and online platforms can make life that little bit easier, especially when they simplify everyday tasks or send you helpful reminders. Here is a list of a few of the online services and apps that we think you will find useful too.


Keeping in touch with family and friends overseas

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The cold weather often has us feeling blue, which results in booking holidays to escape the winter season. Perhaps your friend, relative or partner is heading overseas for a vacation and you aren’t sure of the best way to keep in touch? Overseas international calls can be very expensive, but if you have a fast and reliable internet connection like fibre then keeping in touch is a breeze.


Winter watching: The TV shows we're enjoying right now!

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Winter means snuggling up inside, and what better way to do so than by streaming something worthy online. To make that decision easier here are our top recommendations.


New property access rules make connecting easier

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We’ve recently started applying new property access legislation that means we can build our network up some shared accessways or private right of ways without the need to gain explicit consent from all the neighbouring properties.