Enable fibre broadband is about to get a whole lot faster with Hyperfibre.  

Hyperfibre is the future of Christchurch, offering download speeds up to 40x faster than the average fibre plan* and 300 times faster than other non-fibre broadband technologies**. 

Hyperfibre's speeds and capacity allows home users to stream as much video content as they like, run as many devices as you like and provide a seamless experience for avid online gamers without any interruptions.

For businesses, Hyperfibre provides the speeds and low latency to run advanced technologies and high performing applications, such as video conferencing platforms.

Hyperfibre allows for creativity and innovation, making opportunities limitless, opening doors for students and future leaders, by providing a service that has no barriers, ensuring connectivity isn't an issue.

* Ookla Global Broadband Index

** Commerce Commission's Measuring Broadband New Zealand reports

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*Ookla Global Broadband Index – average speed in New Zealand as May 2021 is 164Mbps.

** Measuring Broadband New Zealand Autumn Report – average fixed wireless speed is 25.2Mbps.